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PR enables all students in elementary school, middle school, high school and college to instantly read texts at grade level. Students can easily read a section of text with PR and be ready for the higher level class discussion on that material.

All initial evaluations of students follow a specific 8 step program for rapid personal growth. These steps facilitate pragmatic self-realization by and in the student that the suggested change is very possible, easier and far more rewarding than continuing with the old ways. This 8 step approach the phallosan forte actually works empowers students for change. Administrators are often shocked by student “compliance” with the new program.

As students read they can look up any word and hear it pronounced with real human voice. They can echo the pronunciation of each new word until they can say it correctly. They can print the definition(s) for each word, obtaining an instant tool for review.

1. Improving Visualization and Concentration. When students read silently between 240 and 420 words per minute they are reading 4 to 7 words per second. For fifty years it has been known that seeing 4-7 flashes of light per second entrains the brain in the Theta state (other states are Alpha, Beta and Delta). All the great meditation in the world has been checked to occur in the Theta state. This is the state of maximum concentration, maximum visualization and maximum creativity. In other words, just at the points about the bathmate here where students are freed up from concentrating on forming words with their muscles, they are best able to visualize the words they are reading, maximize their focus on content and think creatively about what they are reading. Viewing proportionalized text at speed 7 or higher makes all this happen. PR enables students to reach, experience and reproduce this state.

2. Reducing Stress. The more you let go and open up, the more you relax and become receptive, the more you will be able to get out of your reading. Students realize this from their experience with PR. This kind of letting go of control is found in both prayer and meditation. It is just the opposite of stress. One basic discovery of PR is that you can not let go and be stressful at the same time. Students doing PR find over and over that they are able to forget their stress during their reading time. Teaching the modern young child how to escape stress for a few minutes each day is a necessary and wonderful accomplishment. People of all ages can master this technique.

3. Improving Creativity. When students read silently in PR they hear an inner voice. When they reach the Theta state of concentration and relaxation, their real self will start to have a conversation with the inner voice at certain times. The comments of the real self to the inner voice are insights of pure creativity. Students doing PR read about the Hydromax learn to achieve this creative environment and to experience and capture the flashes of creativity.

Regardless of the reading problem, PR can provide a way to process text instantly so that the student can read at grade level. Ideally the student develops transferrable skills in this process. However, in some cases the student needs to continue to use the technology on a ongoing basis. Either way the student can process print.

Here is an approach for helping others, especially students with learning disabilities, bad reading habits, ADD/ADHD or low motivation. It also works well for turning a good reader into an excellent vigrx plus review reader. There are eight basic concepts to keep in mind. After some initial observations, these eight concepts will be presented in order of their actual presentation in a session.

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